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—  Sample Menu concepts  —

Below are sample menus, both for in-home plated and buffet services, showcasing three common price points. All menus are created custom for each and every client. The options are limitless. Let’s be creatively delicious together.


— Plated —



—  Arugula Salad  —
marinated trumpet mushroom, golden beet, dehydrated Parmesan crisp, pickled shallot, honey vinaigrette, smoked salt
pairing | Champagne Cocktail

—  Game Hen —
sous vide, rosemary, garlic, ancient grains, cognac pan sauce, charred parsnip shiitake puree
pairing | Oregon Pinot Noir

—  Chocolate Custard  —
80% dark chocolate, sea salt, bourbon caramel, candied almond
pairing | Salted Caramel Old Fashioned


—  Grilled Halloumi  —
seared soft cheese, cured ceviche, lime, charred corn salad, scallion, crispy pancetta.
pairing | Goooseberry Rosé

—  Crab Ravioli  —
garlic, white wine, basil, parsley, lemon, butter, sage, ricotta, smoked coarse pepper
pairing | Martinez Martini

—  Land & Sea —
strip steak, shelled shrimp, lemon thyme compound butter, oregano oil, fried shallot, salted vinegar fingerling potatoes
pairing | Bold Aged Cabernet

—  Bananas Foster Créme Brûlée  —
rum, vanilla custard, sugar glass, caramelized banana, cinnamon, caramel
pairing | The Bumbu Chadburn


—  Charcuterie  —
artisan cheeses, cured meats, pickled seasonal produce, ripe fruit, Chef’s choice fine accompaniments.
pairing | Wine Flight

—  Tapas de Barcelona  —
patatas bravas, mussels con pan, pan con tomato
pairing | Spanish Tampranillo

—  Scallop  —
wild U10’s, minted pea puree, crispy pancetta, pine nut crumble
pairing | Dry Chardonnay

—  Bison Wellington  —
local bison tenderloin, herbed gournay, wild mushroom paté, bourbon smoked salt
pairing | Bourbon Aged Zinfandel

—  Golden Truffles  —
assorted chocolate truffles coated in edible gold
pairing | Chocolate Sidecar


— Buffet —

Paired beverages also available with buffet style dinners.


—  Seasonal Salad —
roasted root vegetables, house caesar, sourdough croutons, Parmesan

—  Bourbon Pork —
smoked pork loin, thick bacon, bourbon glaze, stone-ground mustard

—  Champagne Donuts—
strawberry, blueberry, champagne, glaze


—  Seasonal Fruit Display  —
local and tropical fruits, cream cheese spread, Grand Marnier spritz

—  Pork Belly Canapés  —
tender pork belly, pickled cucumber, ginger, soy

—  BYO Mac & Cheese —
creamy cheddar mac, beef brisket, chorizo, pulled chicken, shrimp, assorted local produce garnishes, Guatemalan hot sauce

—  Pistachio Dark Chocolate Cheesecake —
dark chocolate crust, pistachio cream, raspberry, white chocolate dust, vanilla bean


—  Shrimp Cocktail  —
garlic & rose cocktail, horseradish, cucumber, lemon

—  Devil’s Potatoes —
aioli, spicy pickled cucumber, smoked paprika, stone ground mustard, champagne vinegar

—  Carved Beef Brisket —
Chef carved, sous vide, smoke to finish, creamy horseradish, rich jus, artisan salts

—  Prosciutto Scallops  —
domestic prosciutto, wild caught sea scallop, crisp arugula, barrel aged fig balsamic reduction

—  Créme Brûlée Station —
vanilla custard, raspberry curd, passionfruit pulp, sugar glass, whipped cream