Multiple Great Experiences!

We have had Chef Nicholas create his masterpieces for two private dinner parties we held at our home.  The dinner parties were completely different both times. The first was all small plates (7 of them) that he coordinated complimentary cocktails with; the second was a birthday party for a friend, where he served a 4 course meal, also complimented with cocktails to accent the dishes.  He and his partners are absolutely top notch!  They do not miss a beat, a detail, nothing.  Everything is carefully planned out to make the evening go perfectly and everything is executed flawlessly.  They are professional in every aspect, from setting up to creating, through delivery and clean up.

The planning - Chef Nicholas carefully creates a unique menu touching all of the asks that you have mentioned to him.  

The setup - Chef Nicholas and his team arrive promptly and bring everything, from plates and glassware, to the amazing cuisine you will be enjoying with your guests.

The creation - Chef Nicholas does not miss a beat with the way he prepares, seasons and cooks each plate.  He has true talent and passion for what he does and you taste it in every bite.

The delivery - Chef Nicholas has an amazing personality and character about him.  He is extremely professional yet lighthearted and the room lights up when he delivers and presents his dishes.

The cleanup - Chef Nicholas does and incredible job of cleaning up all while going unnoticed.  We have an open floor plan kitchen, so he cannot hide from the guests as he cleans up. He does it swiftly and quietly so that no one even realizes it is happening and all the sudden he is done.  And everything is cleaner than when he started!

I cannot say enough good things about Chef Nicholas and the people he chooses as his team. Trust us when we say you will not be disappointed at any stage of the planning, execution or delivery.  He is a true gem and will make your  and your guests event unbelievable!

Thank you Chef Nicholas!!

Doug & Amanda Ladenburger

Doug & Amanda Ladenburger